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Section : Thalys Pass and Thalys TheCard

  1. How can I use my Thalys TheCard card?

    Discover everything you can do with your Thalys TheCard card.

  2. I have further questions about Thalys TheCard and Miles

    All information about the Thalys TheCard loyalty programme and Miles can be found on

  3. I requested a duplicate card, but I have not received it yet. Can I receive a document that entitles me to the benefits of my subscription?

    You can ask for your 2D code which will allow you to travel at your subscription rate until you receive your duplicate.

  4. In which cities are there Thalys Lounges and what are the access conditions?

    Thalys offers comfortable spaces to unwind or work before or after your journey. Find out in which cities you can find them and the conditions for access.

  5. Am I entitled to a Thalys TheCard upgrade if I am a Frequent Pass or Premium Pass subscriber?

    Log in to your account and make all appropriate changes in the “My Settings” section.

  6. How can I join the TheCard loyalty programme without buying a subscription?

    Go to to join the TheCard loyalty programme.

  7. Do I earn Miles when I buy/renew my subscription?

    You receive a one-off Miles bonus when you buy/renew your subscription, depending on the kind of subscription.

  8. Why am I automatically a member of the Thalys TheCard Programme?

    Thalys subscriptions are linked to the TheCard loyalty programme.

  9. What happens if I am not yet a member of Thalys TheCard?

    If you are not already a member, you will be enrolled in the Thalys TheCard programme automatically upon purchasing a Frequent or Premium Pass.

  10. How long will it take to receive my Thalys TheCard card?

    Once you have received an email confirming your Thalys subscription, you will receive your TheCard card within approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

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