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Section : On board

  1. Under which conditions can I enjoy a flexible access on board?

    The conditions of a flexible access on board depend on your status.

  2. Where is your Thalys ticket inspected?

    Two inspections are carried out for each passenger. Find out more here.

  3. Can I smoke on board the Thalys train?

    For reasons of comfort and security, smoking is strictly prohibited on Thalys trains.

  4. How can I book a taxi ?

    Book your taxi online with My Driver by Thalys or if you are travelling in Premium to Paris or Bruxelles, our teams on board will book your taxi.

  5. How can I store my luggage on the Thalys?

    Once on board, you can store your luggage in the dedicated storage space located at the entrance of each car or above the seats.

  6. How do I pay for my fine for non-payment of a ticket while on board?

    Your fine must be paid within 15 days, either by online payment or by bank transfer.

  7. I lost something on a Thalys train, how can I find it?

    Contact the lost property office at your train’s final destination station without delay.

  8. Where can I recharge my device on board of Thalys?

    Our trains are equipped with individual electrical outlets you can use to reload your electronic devices during your journey.

  9. Can I buy public transport tickets on board of Thalys?

    Book your public transport tickets for Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Aachen, Rotterdam and Cologne directly on board.

  10. Can I board without a ticket?

    If you don’t have a ticket, go find the Train Manager before your train departs.

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