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Is it possible to combine a Belgian train ticket with a Thalys journey?

To make your journey easier, choose the Any Belgian Station (ABS) option. This allows you, at low cost, to extend your Thalys journey with a connecting domestic journey on the Belgian network or conversely, to reach the departure station of your Thalys from any station in Belgium.

This offer is available until the 31/03/2020

The fare "Any Belgian Station (ABS)", which has been offered until now within the context of a collaboration with SNCB, will no longer be part of our fares as of 31 March 2020.

If, after 31 March, you wish to purchase a ticket for a domestic connection in Belgium in addition to your Thalys ticket, you must purchase both tickets on the SNCB website at the "Connection" fare.

ABS tickets purchased before 31 March will naturally remain valid regardless of the date of travel.