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How do I use my digital My Thalys World card?

With your digital My Thalys World card, you can:

  • Demonstrate your Thalys Pass subscription during a check.
  • Earn Miles every time you travel with Thalys (except for tickets purchased on board).
  • Travel without a paper ticket (e-Tickets).
  • Access the offers and benefits of My Thalys World.

Travel for free with Thalys thanks to your Miles:

You have earned Miles during your journeys. It's time to make use of it. Spoil yourself and exchange them for Reward tickets to travel for free.
You can choose between 3 fares, all of which give you access to individual sockets, the Thalys Welcome Bar & free Wi-Fi.

Depending on the comfort class, tickets purchased with your Miles can be refunded until departure but cannot be exchanged. 

  • Tickets in Standard booked with Miles are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • Tickets in Comfort and Premium booked with Miles are exchangeable but not refundable. The refund request can be made up to the time of departure.

You can book Miles tickets up to 3 days before your travel date.

Book a ticket with your Miles


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