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Section : Book my trip

  1. Does Thalys offer special fares for companies?

    Yes. The Thalys Corporate Fares formula allows companies to benefit from many advantages. Discover them now!

  2. Can we benefit from special Thalys fares for family travel?

    For your family trips, you can benefit from the KID fare for children under 12 and the young fare for children over 12.

  3. Do seniors benefit from a special Thalys fare?

    Travellers above 60 benefit from attractive discounts.

  4. Do young people under 26 benefit from a special Thalys fare?

    Young people from 12 to 25 benefit from attractive discounts.

  5. Does Thalys offer special fares for groups?

    Thalys offers several formulas that will make your group travels both pleasant and attractively priced. Discover them now!

  6. Is it possible to combine a Belgian train ticket with a Thalys journey?

    To make your journey easier, choose the Any Belgian Station (ABS) option. Learn more here.

  7. Is it possible to add a person to an existing Thalys reservation?

    It is not possible to add a person to an existing reservation.

  8. How do people with reduced mobility benefit from special services and fares?

    There are special services and fares available for people with reduced mobility and the persons accompanying them.

  9. How can I book my Thalys ticket?

    The possibilities of booking a Thalys ticket may vary according to the country from which you wish to buy it.

  10. I have a question regarding my IZY trip

    Answers to all your IZY questions can be found here!

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