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The Thalys Companion fare

Benefit from a special fare when accompanying a person in a wheelchair.

In short

If you are accompanying a person in a wheelchair, you can benefit from a reduced fare in the Premium area.

  • To France* : €35
  • To Belgium : €29

This fare is not available on the Internet.
You can book this fare by calling this number: +32 2 808 19 17.

* Excluding seasonal destinations : Thalys Sun and Thalys Snow.

Personne accompagne une autre en fauteuil roulant

Fare conditions

  • One-way ticket available in Premium.
  • Exchangeable once, free of charge, until the departure time of the train indicated on the ticket.
  • 100% Refundable in case of cancellation before the departure time indicated on the ticket. 50% Refundable after the departure, within a 2-month period.