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5 Stars – Our continuous improvement program

Discover how our 5 Stars program gathers your opinions to improve our services and guarantee your satisfaction.

Your satisfaction, our priority

Do you frequently travel with Thalys and do you have suggestions for improvement? We’re all ears! This is why we developed the 5 Stars program, a team dedicated to analysing customer feedback and to implementing sustainable solutions.

How can you express your opinions?

After making a reservation, fill in your phone number to receive a text message after your trip. You can then attribute a score of 1 to 5 to your experience and give us your remarks, whether they are positive or negative.

What do we implement?

Our dedicated team meets up every week, and together they analyse the negative feedback you relayed after your experiences. Next, they formulate a suitable remedial action and future solutions to improve the quality of your journeys. Once those solutions are defined, they are implemented on the short or long term, according to their complexity and implications.

Why 5 Stars?

We’re convinced that by working together on the long term, we will be able to constantly improve our services. We hope that you’ll only want to give us 5 stars!


5 Stars - Customer Experience Improvement


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