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Travelling with luggage

Take your luggage on board Thalys! Comply with the simple on-board luggage rules!

Travelling with luggage

For the safety and comfort of all travellers during the journey, Thalys has compiled a few simple rules concerning luggage on board. Consult these rules here to avoid any charges* when boarding.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to allow luggage to obstruct the corridors and the doors of the train or to fasten luggage to the train with cords or padlocks, etc.

If you travel with a young child, you may take a pushchair on board free of charge, in addition to the luggage authorised as above. The pushchair should be folded before boarding and stowed in the baggage racks in the coach in which you are seated.

* In case of excess luggage, travellers on Thalys may be charged a fee of €30 per case or have the excess luggage refused to be carried on board. No object not authorised by Thalys will be allowed on board.

Standard luggage
Bike luggage

Taking a bike on board

Space on board the train being limited, bicycles can be accepted in limited numbers as long as certain rules are followed - both bicycle wheels must be removed and everything must be covered by a non-rigid cover with maximum dimensions 135 x 85 x 30 cm.

Any bicycle not complying with these conditions will be refused by the Train Manager and will not be accepted on board. People travelling with a bicycle must present themselves on the platform 30 minutes prior to the departure time.

Folding bicycles will be treated as standard luggage items as long as the maximum dimensions when folded do not exceed 75 x 53 x 30 cm.

Special luggage allowed on board

Certain items with dimensions exceeding the standard maximum dimensions are allowed on board. To see whether your luggage will be allowed on board, consult the special section below or contact our Customer Service Center. All special luggage items must be transported in a case no greater than 2 meters long.

If you are travelling with special luggage items you may, in addition, take with you 1 extra luggage item only (max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm) and 1 piece of hand luggage.

Special luggage
Red suitcase on a red background

Prohibited luggage

For safety and security reasons, certain items are not allowed on board and will not be accepted under any circumstances. If the company’s security team or any of the train staff believe that a particular article presents a risk, Thalys reserves the right to refuse this article on board.

The following luggage items will not be accepted on board:

  • Luggage with dimensions exceeding the maximum allowed.
  • Luggage not complying with the rules laid out above.
  • Luggage or packages containing:

> Unusual items
Such as perishable foodstuffs with unpleasant smells, or plants.
> Dangerous items
Knives, firearms, explosives, flammable liquids (fuel, oil, paint, etc.) or other dangerous products (chemical, biological etc.)
> Commercial items
Items which, by their quantity and/or packaging, show clearly that the notion of ‘passenger’ transport is being misappropriated with a view to transporting merchandise that should be handled by a specialised commercial carrier.
> Prohibited items
Items that are prohibited by Customs or any other competent administrative authority.

For more detailed information, consult a more detailed list of prohibited items in the train. This list is not exhaustive and, if there is any doubt about a particular item, please contact our Customer Service Center.

Practical information

Here are a few hints to help with a carefree journey for you and your luggage:

Labelled luggage

All luggage on board Thalys trains must be labelled. Download our customisable label to help with this.

Easily accessible space for your luggage

The coaches are equipped with several areas for stowing luggage, including

  • luggage racks above your seat
  • free space on the floor between certain seats arranged back-to-back
  • special luggage racks at the end of each coach for the more voluminous luggage items

Keep a watchful eye on your luggage

Your luggage is stowed on board under your own responsibility. For safety reasons, make sure that your luggage is fully closed and that you can keep an eye on it. Make sure that you leave nothing on the train when you disembark.