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Section : Thalys Pass subscription

  1. What is the maximum time frame in which to exchange a ticket purchased on the Premium Pass fare?

  2. How long do I have to exchange a ticket purchased at the Frequent Pass fare?

    A ticket purchased at the Frequent Pass fare can be exchanged up to departure for fares at 30% discount. Read more on the exchange conditions on this page.

  3. Up to what value can I be refunded within the Frequent Pass fare scheme?

  4. What are the features of the Frequent Pass subscription?

    The Frequent Pass subscription is designed for frequent travellers who would like greater adaptability and flexibility.

  5. What are the special features of the Premium Pass subscription?

    The Premium Pass is ideal for frequent journeys between Paris and Belgium for several reasons! Discover all the benefits.

  6. Is a ticket purchased at the Premium Pass fare refundable?

    Your Premium Pass ticket is 100% refundable up to 2 months after departure.

  7. How early do I have to buy my ticket to benefit from the Premium Pass preferential rate?

    The price of €30 per trip for Premium Pass tickets is available up until the train’s departure. Any Belgian Station connections are available without additional payment.

  8. Is the subscription refundable?

    Beyond the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days or in case of use, the subscription is not refundable.

  9. What is a Thalys subscription?

    There are 2 types of Thalys subscriptions: Frequent Pass and Premium Pass, with their specific features.

  10. What is the purpose of my Thalys client account?

    Discover all features available in the client area dedicated to subscribers of the Thalys Pass loyalty programme.

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