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Section : Thalys Pass and My Thalys World

  1. How can I save Miles when someone else books my trip for me?

    To save Miles, your Thalys number needs to be entered when booking.

  2. How do I receive information and offers from My Thalys World? (subscribe and unsubscribe)

    To stay informed about offers and advantages from My Thalys World, subscribe to our newsletter.

  3. Can I save Miles and Member Points with a The Pass subscription?

    Yes, depending on the subscription you'll receive Miles to exchange for gifts, as well as Member Points which give you a direct access to a loyalty status.

  4. I have a Thalys The Pass subscription. Can I join My Thalys World?

    Votre abonnement The Pass vous donne directement accès à My Thalys World.

  5. In which cities are there Thalys Lounges and what are the access conditions?

    Thalys offers comfortable spaces to unwind or work before or after your journey. Find out in which cities you can find them and the conditions for access.

  6. Am I entitled to a My Thalys World upgrade if I have a Frequent Pass or Premium Pass?

    If you have a Frequent Pass or Premium Pass, you will automatically receive one of the higher statuses of My Thalys World free of charge.

  7. How can I become a member of the loyalty programme My Thalys World without purchasing a subscription?

    It's simple. All you have to do is create an account on

  8. Why am I automatically a member of the programme My Thalys World?

    Thalys subscriptions are linked to the loyalty programme My Thalys World.

  9. How do I use my digital My Thalys World card?

    Find out what your digital My Thalys World card can do for you.

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