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Section : Plan my trip

  1. What is My Driver by Thalys ?

    My Driver by Thalys is the online cab and private drivers booking for your journey from and to the train station.

  2. How can I find my TCN ?

    The TCN is on your confirmation of purchase. It is a 9, 12 or 17 characters code.

  3. Under which conditions can I enjoy a flexible access on board?

    The conditions of a flexible access on board depend on your status.

  4. I lost my ticket. What should I do?

    Did you lose your ticket? Depending on the ticket type you have chosen, you have different ways of retrieving your ticket.

  5. What documents do I need to bring for my journey?

    An identity document may be requested to check the accuracy of your ticket or during a random customs inspection.

  6. Can I take a bike on board of Thalys?

    You are allowed to take your bike on board. Bikes must be disassembled, including wheels, and stored in a non-rigid cover.

  7. Does Thalys offer good deals and discounts through their partners?

    Yes. Benefit from a network of partners that will allow you to explore your favourite destinations at special rates.

  8. Where can I consult Thalys timetables and traffic information?

    You can find all Thalys timetables in the Timetable section and track delays on the Traffic Info page.

  9. Can I take special luggage on board of Thalys?

    Some items exceeding the size of regular luggage are allowed on board of Thalys.

  10. Can I receive my travel information on my smartphone?

    No need to print an email or take a ticket with you! With your smartphone, you can have a MobileTicket.

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