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I've bought a Thalys ticket with my discount voucher. I want to cancel the ticket. Will my discount voucher be recredited?

If you bought a non-exchangeable/non-reimbursable ticket, your E-Voucher will be lost.

If you bought an exchangeable/reimbursable COMFORT ticket, you'll be reimbursed up to 50%. You'll get a priority refund in € on the credit card you used during your purchase. The rest of the amount will be credited as an E-Voucher.

If you bought an exchangeable/reimbursable PREMIUM ticket, the part you paid in € will be recredited on the credit card you used used during your purchase. For the rest of the amount, you'll receive an E-Voucher for the corresponding amount.

Your E-Voucher can be reimbursed if it's still valid at the moment of your reimbursement request. An E-Voucher issued as part of a reimbursement request will have the same expiration date as the E-Voucher previously used.

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