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Section : Claims and compensation

  1. What are the rules for compensation if the Thalys is late?

    We offer several compensation alternatives according to the nature and duration of the delay.

  2. How can I claim compensation?

    Fill in our online application forms within 3 months of the date of travel.

  3. How can I exchange or cancel a ticket paid with Thalys e-Vouchers?

    Discover the different options and conditions of exchange or cancellation for tickets paid with e-Vouchers.

  4. How can I use my Thalys e-Vouchers?

    Thalys sends you a link by email to access your e-Vouchers and use them on our site.

  5. I received several Thalys e-Vouchers, how can I use them?

    For each order, you can use up to 5 separate Thalys e-Vouchers. Pay attention to the validity dates.

  6. What should I do if the amount of my order is different from the amount of my e-Voucher(s)?

    You can simply pay the difference when you confirm your order.

  7. What is a case of force majeure?

    This refers to a delay for which Thalys cannot be held responsible: an accident involving persons, bad weather, people on the tracks, etc.

  8. What is a Thalys e-Voucher?

    An e-Voucher is a credit given to you by Thalys following a request for compensation or as a goodwill gesture.

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