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The Münster Baths

A bath from history's pages

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The Münster Baths are a bathing institution, opened under the Empire in 1902, which still today retains the essence of its original charm. A fascinating blend of Art Nouveau and the elements of that age. Here, not only can you have a swim, but also you can relax in a sauna.

To have a bath in an earlier age

The Pempelfort district in Düsseldorf houses the Münster Baths, with an easy access by tram. Under a vaulted roof which a cathedral would be proud of, the swimming pool and sauna transport you into another century. The great bath is at 30°C, which invites you to let it all go. There is also an outside thermal pool which is at 32°C. During the chilly days of winter, massage jets guarantee moments of pure well-being. And, with their exceptional architecture, the Baths are an ideal place to host events and exhibitions. 

Leave routine aside and concentrate on the Baths

You can really relax in the sauna part. There are two Finnish saunas plus a Turkish bath under the vaulted ceilings. Another curiosity is the glazed opening roof, which reveals a panorama to dream about. The hot and cold baths are exactly what is needed to get your circulation going. And, to finish, aficionados can make an appointment for one or other of the various massage options that are on offer, unless they prefer to return to the magnificent lounge. As a bonus, the Kristall salt cave lets you breathe in the freshest "sea air" with soft lighting and soothing sounds. What more could the wellness seeker want!

Les thermes de munster