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The Thalys Child fare

Your children travel at a low price to all of our destinations

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In short

Travelling with your children has never been easier: children under 12 benefit from a single price of €15 in Standard, €20 in Comfort and €30 in Premium to all our destinations*.

For children under 4 years old:

If your child is under 4 years old, he/she can travel for free without a ticket. However, you cannot claim a separate place. To guarantee a seat, you must buy a Child fare ticket (KID).


*Excluding seasonal destinations. Travel between Liège and Aachen: €10 in Standard, €15 in Comfort and €19 in Premium. Between Liège and Cologne the KID Premium fare is €25

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Enjoy free WiFi on board, individual electrical points and a wide selection of drinks and snacks at the Welcome Bar.

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Travel in a spacious and quiet environment, relax in a more comfortable seat and enjoy faster WiFi with more data.

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At any time of the day, a delicious meal is served at your seat. International newspapers are available and you have access to the Thalys Lounges.

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Fare conditions

  • Fare available for one-way trips in Standard, Comfort and Premium.
  • For children under 12 years old on the day of the trip.
  • For safety reasons, children under 12 are not allowed to travel alone on board Thalys trains. Children must be accompanied (by a person authorised to travel alone) as a condition of validity of their ticket.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Exchangeable free of charge until the departure time of the train indicated on the ticket. Any price difference between the old and new ticket will apply.
  • Refundable at 100% in case of cancellation before the departure time indicated on the ticket. Refundable at 50% after the departure, within a maximum of 2 months.