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PR_National Railway Strike in France - Thalys Traffic Information until 7 July

Brussels, 31 May 2018 - Due to the national railway transport workers’ strike in France, the partial adaptation of the Thalys timetable will be prolonged until 7 July. This is a precautionary measure.

Some Thalys trains operating between France and Brussels have been canceled preemptively. Thalys and the distributors do their utmost to inform passengers about these timetable changes to allow them to rearrange their travel plans in a way that best suits their needs.

Thalys also provides real-time updates on schedule changes and delays via the website and the Thalys app. Passengers are advised to consult these channels. Travelers affected by the strike can exchange their tickets free of charge or get a refund via our Thalys Contact Center or the original point of sale.

Thalys is committed to providing our customers with the best service and travel conditions possible during the strike.


How will the strike affect the Thalys offer in the coming weeks?
In addition to the possible schedule changes and delays within the Thalys network on strike days (2-3, 7-8, 12-13, 17-18, 22-23, 27-28 June), operations on non-strike days might also be affected. This is due to the fact that maintenance work on our trains might not be carried out on strike days, thus creating a backlog. The effects could therefore still be felt until after the actual strike. This is why, as a precautionary measure, the partial adaptation of the Thalys timetable will be prolonged until 7 July.

Will Thalys employees also go on strike?
Thalys is a railway company under Belgian law since 2015. One third of our employees are personnel dispatched by the French railway company SNCF. For these employees, the right to strike applies in connection with the work stoppages announced in France.

How do you determine which trains will be cancelled?
Should the strike results in cancellations, Thalys will ensure that the busiest connections are maintained. Cancellations usually concern the trains with the lowest occupation rate or certain connections at peak hours, when the number of available trainsets is insufficient to ensure all services.

PR_National Railway Strike in France - Thalys Traffic Information until 7 July

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