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Customer Service of the Year

Your satisfaction, our destination!

Thalys Elected Customer Service of the Year 2019!

Candidate for the first time in this election organized by Viséo Customer Insights on the French market, Thalys has just been elected customer service of the year 2019 in the group passenger transport category.

This price, we owe it to a harmonious and well thought out mix. The ingredients of success? Multiculturalism, transversality and new ways of working! A multicultural spirit, first represented by the many multilingual agents who exchange daily with you. These agents, placed at the center of the business, interact with all other services to constantly improve your travel experience.

It is in this spirit that our customer service has worked its ambitions and service posture around the acronym "C.H.E.E.R.S. Which allows everyone to orient themselves daily.


Clear To speak clearly and simply is to ensure that communication is fluid and clear.
Humane Favoring a personalized and humane response, rather than automated, makes you feel valued.
Empathic Adapting your speech to your interlocutor and treating him/her with kindness is a good way of offering a smoother customer experience.
Extra To give you this little extra, to provide you with relevant advice, is to simplify your customer journey for your next trip.
Reactive Provide the answers requested in the time, it's your main expectation and this is our priority.
Signed Offering a high quality customer service means respecting the Thalys service standards regarderinf the sales, the after sales and the follow-up of the requests.

And of course, we cannot talk about this award without thanking you for your trust!

Thank you,
The Thalys team