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What is the difference between Member Points and Miles?

Member Points represent the total amount of € spent on the purchase of Thalys tickets.

€1 spent at the purchase of a Thalys ticket, a Frequent Pass or a Premium Pass = 1 Member Point.

The total amount of Member Points is important to maintain your status or to go to a higher status.

Miles are gained by spending €s on your Thalys bookings. You will save Miles based on your status:

- Explorer : 1 € = 1 Miles
- Club : 1 € = 2 Miles
- Club+ : 1 € = 3 Miles

Miles don't have any influence on the calculation of your status. They are at your disposal for 2 years and can be exchanged at any time for free tickets and other products and services by Thalys and its partners.

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