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Section : My Miles

  1. What can I do with my Miles?

    Depending on your status, your Miles can be exchanged for free tickets and differents products and services from Thalys and it's partners.

  2. In case of a delay, can I be compensated in Miles?

    In case of a delay, you can choose to be compensated in Miles, in E-vouchers, or in €.

  3. What are bonus Miles?

    Bonus Miles are Miles that can be awarded to you occasionally during certain events.

  4. How can I know my Miles balance?

    Your Miles balance is accessible at any time in your client account, under "My Miles".

  5. I didn't receive my Miles after my trip. What can I do?

    If you have an exchangeable/reimbursable ticket and you haven't been checked during your trip, your Miles will be credited 60 days after your travel date.

  6. I'd rather not wait 60 days before my Miles are validated. What can I do?

    A ticket can be validated by the customer service.

  7. My Miles aren't validated yet. What does this mean?

    Your Miles haven't been validated yet because your ticket hasn't been validated on the train.

  8. How long does it take before my Miles are credited?

    The definite acquisition of your Miles depends on the exchange conditions of your ticket.

  9. How can I save Miles when someone else books my trip for me?

    To save Miles, your Thalys number needs to be entered when booking.

  10. Can I exchange my Miles for gifts?

    You can exchange your Miles for gifts or for discount vouchers to use for your next Thalys trip in our webshop.

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