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A company on a human scale

Thalys has almost 600 employees committed to sustainable, fast, easy and comfortable travel throughout Europe. We value quality, respect, openness and innovation.

Key Figures

Number of trainsets:

27 red trains + 1 Izy train set

Number of employees:


Turnover (2019):

549,5 million euros

Annual number of travelers (2019):

7.85 million travelers

Customer satisfaction (2017):


Punctuality (according to international standards of 15 minutes)


CO2 emissions (2019):

10.34 g CO2 / traveler per km

Decreasing CO2 emissions:

-56% (2018 vs 2008)

Number of destinations served:


Number of kilometers traveled per year:

9 374 000

Number of seats/train set:


Number of different dishes:


Our Commitments



In times when the transport sector alone is responsible for 30% of the CO2 emissions in Europe and the need for CO2 reduction is impinging, the need for mobility will only increase. In this context, all experts agree that rail should become an ultimate example of more sustainable mobility.

Thalys wants to encourage the choice of red trains on the one hand, and on the other hand strives for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

The numbers speak for themselves. A trip with Thalys emits eight times less CO2 on average than a trip with a car and ten times less than with the plane.

For example, Thalys contributes to a saving of 200,000 tons of CO2 on an annual basis. This is comparable with the annual emissions of a municipality with 23,000 inhabitants. The environmentally friendly nature of Thalys will certainly last for another 15 to 20 years, regardless of the technological progress scenarios that the car and aviation sector have in store. An entire generation.


Thalys, together with its tourism partners in the four countries, deliberately responds to the branches of sport and culture. For example, Thalys is the partner of various cultural institutions and sporting events. Thanks to this collaboration, we can also let our customers benefit from interesting offers.


Thalys lays the link between culture and solidarity and therefore supports various important cultural organizations. Thalys, for example, supports the working of the Secours populair français, which annually allows young people from disadvantaged groups to travel to the Netherlands as part of an intercultural exchange program.

With the same conviction Thalys supports the social-artistic work of WIELS, a Belgian center for contemporary art, more specifically their La Maison des Femmes program. Finally, Thalys supports the King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium) and the Fonds du 11 janvier (France) and their activities in favor of a more harmonious society.


Thalys is a member of Rail Team, UIC, CER and UTP.

Executive Committee

From left to right :
Bruno Dierickx, Commercial and Marketing Director
Ulrich Bouly, Director of Operations
Patrice Lambert, Safety Director
Bertrand Gosselin, CEO
Nele de Brabandere, Director Human Resources
Véronique Bolland, Financial Director
Matthieu Quyollet, DDG in charge of Strategy and Development
Griet Lissens, Director Customer Service and Quality
Erick Cuvelier, Director of IT Systems
Charles Bernheim, Director of Services


Legal and social information


Thalys is made up of two legal entities, which in practice act together.

The company Thalys International has been operating since 1995 on the entire Thalys-territory and has the French and Belgian railway companies as shareholders (30% SNCB and 70% SNCF). The Dutch railway company (NS) acts as partner.

The railway company THI Factory, whose capital is controlled for 60% by SNCF and 40% by SNCB, has been operating in Belgium and France since 31 March 2015.


Trade name Thalys International THI Factory
Registered office Place Marcel Broodthaers, 4 – 1060 Bruxelles
Phone  +32 (0) 2 548 06 00
Legal form Cooperative company with limited liability under Belgian law Public limited company under Belgian law
Registration number / VAT Brussels RPM (Banque Carrefour des entreprises)
VAT number: BE 0455.370.557
Brussels RPM (Banque Carrefour des entreprises)
VAT number: BE 0541.696.005