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Member Points

For each euro you spend, you gain Member Points that define your loyalty status.

Member Points & Statuses

My Thalys World, that’s 3 statuses: Explorer, Club and Club+.

These statuses are gained according to the number of Member Points you gained in a period of 12 months.

€1 spent at the purchase of a Thalys ticket, a Frequent Pass or a Premium Pass = 1 Member Point.

Saving Member Points happens automatically from the moment you create an account on My Thalys World. They are registered when you purchase a ticket. In case you cancel the ticket, your Member Points will be deducted.


Become a member

  • How is the transition to a higher status calculated?

You can rise to a higher status from the moment you reach the necessary number of Member Points for that status: 600 Member Points for Club and 5.000 Member Points for Club+.

This status is valid for 12 months after you acquired it. Naturally, you can rise to a higher status during this period.

In the event that you reach the higher status thanks to the Member Points accumulated when you purchase a ticket but you cancel said ticket, your Member Points will be deducted and you will regain your initial status.

  • How is the transition to a lower status calculated?

You go to a lower status 12 months after you gained the status Club or Club+, if you do not have the required number of Member Points to maintain this status.

  • How can I keep my status?

Simply by travelling regularly, allowing you as a Club or Club+ member to keep the amount of your Member Points between the brackets of your status: between 600 and 4,999 Member Points for Club and from 5,000 Member Points for Club+.