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Travelling with pets

Check out the terms for travelling with your pets.

All you need to know about travelling with animals

It is perfectly permitted to travel with the family pets.

First, to be polite to your travelling neighbors, we ask you to ensure that your fellow passengers are happy with the presence of your pet. If any of them objects, the Train Manager will find you another seat. 

Secondly, we ask you to comply with a few rules concerning travelling with animals :

  • Small dogs and other domestic animals weighing less than 6 kg may travel free of charge, provided they travel in a cage/container with maximum dimensions 45 x 30 x 25 cm.  
  • Regarding dogs that do not fit in a cage/container, a ticket with a specific "dog" fare (single price of €30) must be purchased for them to be allowed on board. 
    Such dogs are allowed in the coaches provided that they are carried on the passenger’s lap or on the floor, held on a leash and sufficiently muzzled so as not to disturb other passengers.
    If you're travelling from France, Belgium, or the Netherlands, go to the station to buy a ticket with the "dog" fare.
    If you're travelling from Germany, address the Train Manager directly.
  • Guide dogs and assistance dogs are always allowed to travel free of charge. 

Please note that animals, with the exception of guide and assistance dogs, are not allowed to travel on Thalys Snow and Sun trains.

Animals not admitted :

Dangerous dogs, wild animals and birds (parrots, canaries etc.) are not allowed on our trains.