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Discover the catering service in Premium

Enjoy a gourmet meal served at your seat offering a healthy and varied choice of food!

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Fine, varied and healthy meals served at your seat

Chef’s inspiring creations, unique flavours, surprising associations of tastes… In the Premium area, discover another way to travel!

Seasonal menu

The Belgian chef Frank Fol, often nicknamed The Vegetable Chef ®, will help you (re-)discover all kinds of vegetables in an original way.

Renowned for his Think Vegetables! Think Fruits! ® philosophy, Frank Fol designed the menu “Vegetables and Pleasure” specially for Thalys with recipes of sublime vegetables!

Vegetable basket

The best of travel, the best of our regions!

Sustainable catering is a strong commitment for Thalys. Therefore we select the best gmo-free seasonal products from regional suppliers. This way, we can offer you local dishes with the utmost respect to the environment. We source certified organic cereals, and our seafood products comes from sustainable fishing and is certified MSC, in order to contribute to the preservation of the marine resources for the future generations.

In order to meet the expectations of all our passengers, vegetarian menus are also available!

Our menus:

Discover our sample menus, classic and vegetarian, served in the Premium area.

Every meal is served at your seat at any time of the day, for any international journey over 50 minutes.

Catering for any time of the day...

Breakfast tray


A tasty and complete breakfast for a good start of the day!

Lunch tray


A balanced lunch

Dinner tray


A tasty dinner to finish the day

The Gourmet Break

To satisfy your cravings between traditional meal times, Thalys and French chef Olivier Pichot designed a whole new concept: the Gourmet Break.

With a wide selection of sweet and salty snacks, there is something for everyone, anytime of day!

Gourmet break meal tray