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Boarding procedures

In order to ensure prompt and safe departures, please familiarise yourself with boarding procedures.

Security checks

Please note that security arrangements are different depending on the station and on the country. Below you will find the essential security information for each of the stations served.

France - Paris-Gare du Nord

Platforms used by Thalys in Paris’s Gare du Nord are equipped with security gates. Baggage and personal security checks may be carried out prior to boarding the train.

Belgium - Brussels-Midi, Liège-Guillemins, Antwerp Central

In Belgian international stations, the police and security staff carry out random baggage and personal security checks.

Germany and the Netherlands

Although security has been significantly tightened recently in German and Dutch stations, there is no specific security checking in place in those stations served by Thalys.

In each country, security checking is the responsibility of the competent national authorities and is susceptible to changes at short notice. For stress-free boarding, we recommend that you arrive in the station 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your train so that any security checks can be carried out calmly and efficiently.

For security reasons, it is imperative that passengers are ready to board the train at least 2 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

Ticket checks

Thalys prefers to welcome its customers on the platform thereby ensuring a more fluid and harmonious reception.

With your ticket, you can simply present yourself in front of your coach. Our Train Managers and Liaison Officers will show you to your seats to help you settle into your journey. Ticket inspection takes place during the trip as the Train Manager passes through your coach. If in doubt, ask our Liaison Officers where to find the Train Manager to clarify your situation prior to departure or contact our customer service team.

Systematic pre-checking of tickets in the Netherlands

We remind our passengers travelling from Rotterdam or Amsterdam that it is mandatory to be in possession of a valid ticket in order to enter or leave the station.

Boarding conditions

You must comply with the fare conditions applicable to your ticket and travel on the train for which the ticket has been issued. If required, you will need to present the justification for any special fare that has been applied.

We recommend you to solicit the help of the Train Manager prior to, or immediately after, the departure of your train. You can then regularise your situation, if necessary, using the reference fare* plus a €25 supplementary charge for issuing a ticket on board. Payment can be effected in cash or with a 
credit card.

* The highest fare in Premium, Comfort and Standard classes. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Centre


Trains diagram

All Thalys trains have the same interior fittings and are non-smoking throughout. Each train has eight coaches: 3 Premium - Comfort coaches, 4 Standard coaches, a bar coach, located in the middle of the train and accessible to all passengers.