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Under which conditions can I enjoy a flexible access on board?

The conditions of a flexible access on board depend on your status.

  • As an Explorer member, you can't enjoy flexible access on board of our trains. 
  • As a Club member, you can enjoy flexible access to a train later or earlier than you originally booked if you have an exchangeable and reimbursable ticket in any of our comfort classes.
  • As a Club+ member, you enjoy a flexible access to any of our trains on your travel date, no matter which fare or comfort class.

This flexible access is free and applies to a journey identical to your initial traject, and is subject to availability on board. If you use this flexible access, no seat nor meal in Premium will be guaranteed. To enjoy this, you must have a reservation made as a My Thalys World member, having identified yourself by your My Thalys World number, and present yourself to the Train Manager before getting on board.

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