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Section : My Thalys World advantages

  1. Under which conditions can I enjoy a flexible access on board?

    The conditions of a flexible access on board depend on your status.

  2. How can I download my proofs of travel?

    Access your travel history through our contact form.

  3. How can I see my travel history?

    Access your travel history from your account.

  4. What are the free services that are available with My Thalys World?

    As a My Thalys World member, discover the free services you can book from "My Account" or by contacting our customer service.

  5. Is it possible to use my Miles to access the lounges?

    Yes, as an Explorer member you can spend 300 Miles to access the Thalys Lounges in Bruxelles-Midi and Paris-Nord.

  6. As a Club or Club+ member, can I invite other people with me into the Thalys Lounges?

    As a Club or Club+ member, you can bring guests into the Thalys Lounges in Paris and Brussels.

  7. As a member of My Thalys World, can I access the lounges of the other railway companies?

    As a member of My Thalys World, you can access our partners' lounges, the members of the Railteam alliance.

  8. How can I access the Thalys Lounges?

    Depending on your status, you can access our Lounges in Paris-Nord and Bruxelles-Midi, by presenting your digital loyalty card.

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