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How long do I have to exchange a ticket purchased at the Frequent Pass fare?

A ticket purchased at the Frequent Pass fare can be exchanged up to departure for fares at 30% discount.

  • For the 30% discount fare: unlimited free exchanges.
  • For the 50% discount fare:  exchanges are unlimited and free up to 7 days before departure. After, it can only be exchanged upon payment of the price difference between the 50% discounted fare and the 30% discounted fare. 

Are you a Platinum client? 

Should your exchange relate to a departure on the same day, we invite you to take advantage of your flexible free access to “framing trains” in the same direction. That is to say, those immediately after or before the train you initially booked.

Are you a Platinum+ client? 

Your flexibility extends throughout the day for the same journey. 

Please note that this advantage is subject to availability on board. A seat and seat catering in Premium are not guaranteed.