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Can I travel with my pet?

Thalys allows you to travel with your pet. However, to ensure quality travel for all travellers, you must make sure that all travellers accept the presence of your animal and comply with a few rules.

If a passenger objects to the presence of a pet, the Train Manager may move the owner and animal to another part of the train.

Please note that pets, with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs, are not accepted on Thalys Snow and Sun trains and on trains to and from London.

Small animals must be transported inside a box

Small dogs and pets can travel for free if:
They are inside a box of maximum 45x30x25 cm
They weigh less than 6 kg


Dogs that are not transported in a container will only be admitted on board with a “Dog” fare ticket. They will be allowed in the car only if they are carried on their owner’s lap or kept on a leash and muzzled on the floor of the carriage in such a manner as not to disturb other travellers around them.

Assistance dogs

Guide dogs and assistance dogs travel free of charge.

Prohibited animals

Dangerous dogs, wild animals and birds (parrots, canaries, etc.) are not allowed on board.