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Dortmund, a green city with an iconic football club, a mining past and an important brewing tradition.

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A green city with a strong beer culture

It is more than likely that football fans know the city for its famous club: Borussia Dortmund. In fact, fans are so fervent that the stadium is often called “The Cathedral”. It has the biggest standing section in Europe: 25,000 seats, nicknamed the “yellow wall”. As a point of reference, that’s almost twice the capacity of the centre court of Roland Garros. 

Borussia means Prussia in Latin. However, it refers to the Borussia Brewery because the city was a brewing capital until the 70s. Its beer production was second only to that of Milwaukee in the USA. 

Although very green today, the city was once a cradle of mining and steelmaking. Many industrial remains and museums bear witness of that time and can, of course, be visited.  

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    • pictogramme football Dortmund stadium can seat 80,720 football fans
    • pictogramme rose The Rose Garden in Wastfalen Park boasts the 3rd largest collection of roses in the world
    • pictogramme monuments historiques Dortmund has 1,015 monuments with historic status

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Königswall 15

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